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Jim Melvin, serial technology entrepreneur and restaurant industry expert, founded Intelligent Transactions with the vision of helping great brands become greater. 

With a long history in restaurant technology, Jim found that many big brands had the raw potential to make a positive difference in the lives of their guests and employees, but lacked the tools to deliver that potential to their front lines. This potential manifested itself in the form of Brand Promises, but these Brand Promises often failed to take form due to technology limitations. 

Intelligent Transactions was created precisely to solve this critical problem; to help brands deliver on their Brand Promise through fit for purpose technology strategies.

We Have A Long History in the Industry

1985: Liftoff at Techwerks

Jim founds Techwerks, a ROM-based Point of Sale company. Primary customers were JC Penney's, Woolworth's, RiteAid, and Eckerd's. Partnered with IBM, NCR and Unisys.

1989: Compris is Founded

Techwerks is sold to Unisys. Jim founds Compris Technologies in partnership with IBM. Compris becomes the international leading open platform POS.

1993: Compris sold to NCR

Compris is sold to NCR. Jim joins Park City Group, the leading provider of financial reporting in the industry, as the Chief Product Architect. 

2002: Innovation at SIVA

Jim becomes CEO of SIVA Corp, leading the company to introduce the first cloud-based POS to the industry. Customers included Darden, Pizza Pizza, and many other international brands.

2006: SIVA sold to PAR

SIVA is sold to PAR. Jim is recruited as PAR’s Chief Strategy Officer, helping the redefine the company as a innovator in the markets it served. 

2008: ITL is Born

Jim founds ITL to help restaurant and retail brands achieve their top level business objective through the right near-term and long-term technology strategies


Jim Melvin - CEO

Jim Melvin has been successfully creating enterprise technology solutions for the restaurant retail industry for over 35 years. Founder and CEO of several recognizable point of sale and QSR software companies including Compris, SIVA, and Apigent Solutions, Melvin’s products have been installed at more than 125,000 sites internationally, spanning dozens of leading brands. 

Melvin has a long history of expertise, including advising on retail business technology issues for: 

  • Over 75 Domestic & International Restaurant Brands;
  • A U.S. Congressional Sub-Committee;
  • The Food & Drug Administration;
  • Large Wallstreet Investment Groups;
  • Large Consumer Technology Companies (Including Google);
  • Expert Witness Services

George Orlin - COO

George Orlin has over ten years of experience in helping retail brands increase engagement through the implementation and usage of software, process, and culture. As a co-founder of several QSR-focused SaaS software startups, Orlin has worked with many international and domestic restaurant brands to drive ROI and business results through the implementation of user-centered technology. 

He had proven experience leading strategic and tactical efforts for: 

  • Point of sale software;
  • Back office software;
  • Payment software;
  • Microservices & RESTful APIs;
  • Data lakes, warehouses, and marts;
  • Customer loyalty software;
  • Data science solutions;

Geoff Labat - CIO

Geoff Labat brings over 30 years of extensive technical, operational, and managerial experience to the company. He served as CTO for ReacTV, where he was responsible for developing the gaming engine, web portal, and consumer universal ReactiveRemote for that company. His expertise includes television broadcasting, video production, telecommunications network architecture, and Internet Broadcast Technology. 

His Career achievements include:

• Design, engineering, and construction of a 23K Mile DWDM Fiber Optic Network;

• Design and Construction of 232 Telecommunications Point of

Presence Facilities and Data Centers;

• Redesign and deployment of consumer gaming software and

console for 3000 site hospitality gaming network hosting NFL

interactive content;

• ISO Certification Trained;

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